Building A Neon Sign for Suicide Girls

Several months ago, I was approached by Suicide Girls to create a large neon sign to hang outside their office in Hollywood. They wanted something old school and heavily weathered to look like it's been hanging by the roadside for decades.

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Here's me working on the vending machine:

▶ Millermatic 211 MIG Welder:
▶ DeWalt 20V Max Drill & Driver Kit:
▶ Spring Drill Stop Set:
▶ Cleco, Side Clamp and Pliers Set:
▶ Harbor Freight Hydraulic Riveter:
▶ Klein Hand Notcher:
▶ Modern Masters Metal Effects Iron Paint:
▶ Modern Master Metal Effects Rust Activator (See below):

▶ The marking tool I made from wood was used to locate my drilling centers. Some sections of the sign's returns (side walls) did not closely follow the more detailed shape of the sign's face, so I couldn't just measure in from the face's edges. So, I made a tool to follow the returns and mark 3/8" in from there onto the face to find the center of the flange.
▶ For the paint masks, I used Oracal Oramask 813 stencil film, which I cut on my aging Craftwell eCraft cutter.
▶ To rust the iron paint (see above), you can use Modern Masters' own Rust Activator solution, but I use a simple mixture of 1 part white vinegar, 4 parts hydrogen peroxide, and salt.
▶ Each paint layer was normally given at least 24 hours to cure before the next mask was applied, and the entire sign was coated with a flat clear coat for protection.

Original design by Courtney Zalewski.

Thanks to my brother Rodney for helping with final assembly.

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