Workers at Mi Nidito Restaurant fight back against robber

South Tucson, AZ - Two people were stabbed while stopping a robbery at a landmark in South Tucson Wednesday afternoon, according to police.

The South Tucson Police Department said it happened around 1:30 p.m. at Mi Nidito Restaurant on South 4th Avenue.

Officers said Jerry Evans Madril, armed with a knife, entered the restaurant and demanded money.

Workers in the store were not intimidated and fought back.

"He was outnumbered with the knife," said Manny Olguin, a worker at Mi Nidito. "You could see it was a little box cutter. It wasn't a big machete or nothing."

The employees subdued Madril and held him until police arrived.

"We all had him on the floor and I could feel my leg scratching," Olguin said. "I was like, 'he's cutting me. He's cutting me.' I got 16 stitches."

Video source: South Tucson Police

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