SMOKY COLD START | RCAF CC-177 Globemaster III [177701] Departing Calgary Airpor...

Easily the most insane engine startup I've witnessed! This Royal Canadian Air Force CC-177 Globemaster III spent a very cold day here in Calgary on Friday, where it was -20 °C. "CANFORCE 3609" is seen here making impressive amounts of smoke from its four PW2040 engines on startup, taxiing, and making a quick liftoff from runway 35L! They started engine #1 first, then #2, then put #2 into reverse and seemingly restarted #1 before moving onto #3 and #4. Enjoy this special catch, with ATC included!

Thanks for watching!


Airline: Canadian Forces (CFC)
Aircraft: McDonnell-Douglas C-17A (Canadian designation CC-177)
Livery: Standard CF Grey
Engines: 4x PW F117-PW-100
Registration: 177701
Route: Calgary (YYC) - Canadian Forces Base Trenton (YTR)
Callsign: CANFORCE 3609
Runway used: 35L
Date filmed: February 9, 2017
Local time: 1500


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